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The Clinical and Business Training to Implement Profitable Sleep and Airway Medicine into Your Practice

Simplify your implementation with Complete Health Airway’s comprehensive training program.

You've heard about airway health...

Chances are, you’ve heard the rumbles about sleep and airway treatment--it's the hottest topic in dentistry today. In fact, the ADA recommends all dentists should screen every patient for sleep-breathing disorders.

...so what are YOU going to do?

You could stick to the traditional “sleep dentistry” and offer temporary solutions to a permanent problem--like CPAP and mandibular repositioners
You could lead the new generation of sleep and airway by offering permanent solutions to a temporary problem with the latest, cutting-edge treatments.

Complete Health Airway’s comprehensive program will provide the structure and system you need to take your thriving practice to the next level.

Learn how to seamlessly integrate airway health into your practice, including:

Compromised Airways are Everywhere

An estimated 22 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea–and 80% of those cases are undiagnosed!

Chances are, you or someone you love–a spouse, child, or friend–has undiagnosed upper airway resistance syndrome.
The average person spends 25-35% of their life asleep. As such, healthy airways are integral to overall health. Untreated sleep and airway issues like sleep apnea aren’t just inconvenient–snoring in adults, bed wetting in children, daytime sleepiness– they actually increase a variety of health risks that lead to chronic illness and even death.
Untreated airway issues have been linked to:
And more!

In other words, EVERYONE should be screened for airway issues.

Integrating sleep and airway screenings into your practice provides life-saving, health-revolutionizing diagnosis and treatments to your community…

…And unlocks practice-changing growth and revenue.

Everything you need to implement airway

Complete Health Airway’s training program will have you qualified to start airway screening and treatments in just 60-90 days!

Does this sound like you?

If you answered yes…

Complete Health Airway is for YOU

What’s Included in the Complete Health Airway Program


Work at your own pace to complete five 2-3 day-long training modules with your team to learn the science, tech, implementation and more.
Inside the training you’ll learn:


Work with experienced, qualified coaches on all aspects of your airway implementation.
Your coaching will include:

Free Your Practice From the Insurance Bottleneck

Is insurance tamping down your case acceptance?
Do you patients complain about treatments with little or no insurance coverage?
Worried airway would be cost-prohibitive in your market?

Revolutionize how patients value your services by integrating the Complete Health Dentistry Model into your practice.

We’ll show you how.

Most patients don’t realize that oral health is directly connected to overall physical health. Leading medical experts have found that chronic illnesses like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease BEGIN in the mouth.

By educating patients on the preventative power of oral health, patients become more committed and involved in their dental care–and understand the PIVOTAL role that you as their dentist play in their health.

When patients esteem the value that you bring to their health, you’ll:

When patients understand airway is a direct investment into their lasting health, you can kiss the insurance bottleneck goodbye!


Exponential ROI Potential Ahead

Chances are, if you could get $4-5 back for every $1 you spent, you’d jump at the chance.

Offering airway health does just that.

We’ve seen clients get a complete ROI from the Complete Health Airway program in just 6-9 months, with huge returns within a year.

With 3 months of training, gradual integration, and a goal of 40-50 patients in the first year, our clients have averaged a profit of $200,000-400,000.

In fact, airway health is profitable with just ONE new patient a month.

Imagine the opportunities for growth within just your current patient base.

Beat out the competition and start now to establish yourself as the go-to airway specialist in your community.

The Time is Now

Start today so you can lead the field in this essential and profitable field.